Spray Tanning

Tahitian Tan: $25.00

Lava Tan: $30.00

Fiji Express: $35

Leave on 6-8 hours Leave on 6-8 hours Leave on 2-3 hours


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Preparing your skin for your spray tan is very important. The spray tan solution hangs on to your dead skin so it is best to exfoliate well before you come in. You can do this the day before or day of your appointment. You can use a loofa or an oil free body scrub. It is also best to shave before your appointment.

If you are getting your nails done, it is best to do it the day before or after. If you need to do it day of, it will need to be done before the appointment and please ask them to not use very much lotion and to make sure and wash off what they do put on. Lotion will act as a barrier and the tan won’t be able to set correctly.

If you can’t shower off right before your appointment, we have make up wipes for you to use.


You will leave the tanning solution on for a discussed period of time. During this time, you may not shower, swim or sweat. You need to let the tan set. Please bring something dark and loose to wear home. If what you choose to is short or has thin straps, we recommend bringing a towel to protect your car seat and seat belt.

The solution will take a full 8-12 hours to process completely so during this time frame, no soap or lotions. Once the solution has set, you can go about your normal routine.

It is best to shower with a sulfate free body wash and moisturize daily with a lotion that is free of mineral oil. We have amazing products here if you are interested. This is in no way a real tan, so please make sure to wear your sunscreen.